The following are the species most sought after by anglers in the Ö-vik region
*Note that brown trout and sea trout are actually one and the same species
- the offspring of a sea trout may become stationary brown trout and some brown trout fry may turn into sea trout. 
(Salmo trutta)
Char Brook char Rainbow trout
(Salvelinus alpinus) (Salvelinus fontinalis) (Oncorhynchus gairdneri)
Grayling Whitefish Roach Orfe
(Thymallus thymallus) (Coregonus sp.) (Rutilus rutilus) (or Ide, Leuciscus idus)
Perch Zander Bream
(Perca fluviatilis) (or Pike-Perch, Lucioperca lucioperca) (Abramis brama)
Pike Burbot
(Esox lucius) (Lota lota)